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 Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to present Colorfall, an exhibition of new paintings by Ian Davenport, 12 September - 26 October, 2013 at 293 Tenth Avenue in New York. Colorfall is comprised of a selection of new and recent paintings epitomizing Davenport’s unique approach and artistic vision - one that he has developed to investigate color, movement, light, and surface. The former Turner Prize nominee explains his new body of work was inspired by placing historical masterpieces in conversation with modern technology, such as Photoshop. Davenport says, “By following the color sequences from another artist’s palette, I am able to explore and question my own choices of line and hue. Photoshop is also used to establish a framework, from which I introduce an element of chance.”

In his new body of work, Davenport questions how different chromatic weights can occupy a background, as well as the vertical rhythm achieved by compressing and interweaving colors of various widths. By utilizing a large syringe to drip acrylic paint onto aluminum and stainless steel panels, Davenport creates his celebrated studies of color with precision and elegance. The lyrical quality of the paintings is established by his careful balance of engineering and natural movement. Davenport allows gravity to pull the acrylic paint down the panel, whereupon he gently manipulates the bands of colors, but ultimately allows the liquid-nature of the paints to guide the creation. His control of the paintings becomes evident in the carefully composed series of colors that populate his paintings, which act as experiments in color relationships guided by Davenport’s intuition and mastery of the subject.  

Davenport (b. 1966, Kent), studied at Goldsmiths College of Art in London from 1985 through 1988, and graduated with a B.A in Fine Art. In the same year, he exhibited in the Damien Hirst-curated Freeze exhibition which first brought together many of the later-to-be Young British Artists. In 1991, he was nominated for the annual Turner Prize. Davenport has exhibited internationally, including solo exhibitions at Dundee Contemporary Arts (1999); Tate Liverpool (2000);  Ikon Gallery in Birmingham, AL (2004); Paul Kasmin Gallery (2009); Waddington Custot Galleries in London (2011); and Art Plural Gallery LTD in Singapore (2012). His work is in major collections worldwide, such as the Tate Gallery, London; the Weltkunst Collection, Zurich; Arts Council Collection, London; Borusan Art Gallery, Istanbul; The British Council; Daimler Chrysler Collection, Stuttgart and the Dallas Museum of Art, Texas. A comprehensive monograph on Ian Davenport is due to be published by Thames & Hudson in Spring 2014. The artist lives and works in London. 

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Ian Davenport "Colorfall" Exhibition Video

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