William N. Copley's Untitled (Think/flag) is included in the portfolio, Artists and Writers Protest against the War in Vietnam 1967, on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Copley's Untitled (Think/flag), shows a departure from the artist's usual figurative imagery, and was created during the turbulent period of political and racial strife in the 1960s that arose with the escalating war in Vietnam and the growing momentum of the Civil Rights movement.

The work is on view on the 6th floor Collection Galleries at the Whitney Museum of Art.

Image: William N. Copley, "Untitled (Think/flag)", 1967, Screenprint, 20 7/8 × 25 3/4" (53.1 × 65.4 cm), Edition 100. © 2017 William N. Copley. Courtesy of William N. Copley and The Whitney Museum of American Art.




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