It’s Expo Chicago Week. Here Are Three Must-See Attractions

Chicago Arts & Culture

September 24, 2018

With 135 exhibits to hit, you’ll never fully explore Expo Chicago, the city’s signature art fair, which runs September 27 to 30 at Navy Pier. But here are three don’t-miss attractions—Infinity chamber: Chilean Iván Navarro’s water-tower-shaped sculptures are eight feet tall but appear to extend forever, thanks to a crafty system of mirrors and neon lights. They’ll be easy to find, they’re right at Navy Pier’s entrance.

Taller, Brighter, Bolder at Expo Chicago


September 28, 2018

Adjacent to this deceptive design is Muro, a brick wall which leads the way for the wide range of sculptures which are spread throughout the exhibition hall. This massive block was made by Bosco Sodi, who describes his creative process as “controlled chaos”, often utilizing raw materials and vivid pigments. His name emerges again a little further into the fair at Kasmin Gallery’s booth, which includes one of his famous tower-like pieces made of clay cubes.

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