Art Basel Hong Kong 


March 29, 2018 — March 31, 2018

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Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce its upcoming participation in three sections of Art Basel Hong Kong, 2018.

In addition to the main gallery booth (3D18) in the core section of the fair, Paul Kasmin presents Iván Navarro in Encounters and Mark Ryden in the Kabinett section. Ryden, having designed the costumes and set for the American Ballet Theatre’s Whipped Cream (on view at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre March 22 - 25) will also present his new sculpture Quintessence 132 - Macro Dodecahedron off-site at Hong Kong’s PMQ in the Hollywood Garden (March 26 - April 5). An exhibition of Robert Indiana’s work, LOVE Long, is on view at the Asia Society, Hong Kong, throughout the fair’s duration and on until July 15.

Art Basel Hong Kong, Booth 3D18


除了在巴塞尔香港艺博会的核心部分设有主展位(3D18)之外,卡斯明画廊还将携艺术家伊万·纳瓦罗(Iván Navarro)和马克·莱登(Mark Ryden)出现在“艺聚空间”(Encounter)和“策展角落”(Kabinett)两个板块。莱登曾经为美国芭蕾舞剧院的《芭蕾小忌廉》设计舞台布景服饰(3月22日至25日在香港文化中心演出),此次莱登还将额外在位于好莱坞花园的香港元创方(PMQ)展出他的新雕塑《典型132 —— 大十二面体》(Quintessence 132 - Macro Dodecahedron)(3月26日至4月5日)。本次展会期间,罗伯特·印第安纳(Robert Indiana)的作品《LOVE Long》将会在亚洲协会香港中心展出至7月15日。

巴塞尔香港, 3D18展位


除了在巴塞爾香港藝博會的核心部分設有主展位(3D18)之外,卡司名畫廊還將攜藝術家伊萬·納瓦羅(Ivan Navarro)和馬克·萊登(Mark Ryden)出現在「藝聚空間」(Encounter)和「策展角落」(Kabinett)兩個板塊。 萊登曾經為美國芭蕾舞劇院的《芭蕾小忌廉》設計舞台佈景及服飾(3月22日至25日在香港文化中心演出),此次萊登還將額外在位於好萊塢花園的香港元創方(PMQ)展出他的新雕塑《典型132——大十二面體》(Quintessence 132 - Macro Dodecahedron)(3月26日至4月5日)。本次展會期間,羅伯特·印第安納(Robert Indiana)的作品《LOVE Long》將會在亞洲協會香港中心展出至7月15日。

巴塞爾香港, 3D18展位

Returning to the fair for its 8th edition, Paul Kasmin Gallery presents a group exhibition showcasing highlights such as Constantin Brancusi’s Torse de Jeune Homme, Robert Indiana’s October is in the Wind (2000) and Morris Louis’ Alpha Kappa (1960). Works by Walton Ford, David Hockney, Claude Lalanne, Roxy Paine, Robert Motherwell, Robert Polidori, Iván Navarro, and Bosco Sodi will also be on view.

Iván Navarro in Encounters

Chilean artist Iván Navarro is known internationally for his socio-politically charged sculptures of neon, fluorescent and incandescent light. The artist’s presentation in Encounters - Art Basel Hong Kong’s section dedicated to large-scale sculpture and installation - is titled Compression and consists of two works: Flatlands (2018) and Tuning (2015.)

Flatlands is composed of two elements: the map of the world and a wooden cube. The original world map image from which the work is derived is an abstraction of the continents shaped by dots in a grid. It remains impossible to make a perfectly accurate measurement of the globe, and there are many images, from geographical to political, that put into question which is real. Metaphorically and ironically, Flatlands is another abstract representation of the world.

Tuning is comprised of a towering pyramid of six drums with the words HIGH, TONE, TUNE, BASS, MUTE, and DEAF embedded in LED lights. This monumental work produces a visual representation of sound whilst it negates the original function of the instruments; ‘playing a song,’ in the absence of sound. The inherent silence and stillness of the artwork create an uncanny perception of audio and movement, probing the relationship between sight and sound.

Mark Ryden in Kabinett

Mark Ryden’s works will be displayed in Art Basel Hong Kong’s Kabinett section, in a separately curated, delineated space, acting as a part of the gallery’s main art fair booth (3D18). This annexed section brings together the aesthetic and playful atmosphere of Whipped Cream with bespoke walls.

The works presented in the Kabinett section (approximately 16 in total) feature characters from Whipped Cream and include both preparatory drawings and new paintings of varying size. A medium-scale edition of his new sculpture, Quintessence 132 - Mezzo Dodecahedron, will sit at the center of the space, available as an edition of 6 + 2 AP + 1 PP. The enigmatic figures depicted in paintings such as Swirl Girl (#130) and Whipped Cream Girl (#131) offer a continuation of the artist’s unique perspective on the beauty of childhood innocence presented amid an underlying sense of disquiet.

Mark Ryden at PMQ, Hong Kong

Quintessence 132 - Macro Dodecahedron, is a new sculptural work that continues Mark Ryden’s exploration of the dodecahedron as a unique geometric form with significant mathematical and philosophical resonance. The dodecahedron belongs to a small group of five geometric solids that share a simple set of parameters: the same polygon on every face, and the same number of faces at each vertex.

Following its installation at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre during the Hong Kong premiere of the American Ballet Theatre’s Whipped Cream, the sculpture will be on public display from March 26 to April 4 at PMQ in Central Hong Kong. Quintessence 132 - Macro Dodecahedron includes an array of brightly-colored icons, figures, and symbols on each of the pentagonal panels that form the solid. These symbols are dominated by the “all-seeing eye”, a recurring motif in the work of the artist.

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Private View (by invitation only)
Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 5pm to 9pm

Public Days
Thursday, March 29, 2018, 1pm to 9pm
Friday, March 30, 2018, 1pm to 8pm
Saturday, March 31, 2018, 11am to 6pm


本次展会是卡斯明画廊第八次参展,此次展览颇具亮点:康斯坦丁·布朗库西的《年轻的身体》/Torse de Jeune Homme,罗伯特·印第安纳的《十月在风中》/October is in the Wind(2000),以及莫里斯·路易斯的《Alpha Kappa》(1960)。Milton Avery, Walton Ford, David Hockney, Claude Lalanne, Roxy Paine, Robert Motherwell, Robert Polidori, Iván Navarro, 以及 Bosco Sodi的作品也将同时展出。



《平原》由两个元素构成:世界地图和木制立方体。最初引出这件作品的世界地图是在网格中由点围成的抽象大陆。 直到现在人们依旧无法对地球进行完美的精确的测量。许多地图,从地理地图到政治地图,都在质疑着究竟哪一个才是真的。《平原》充满隐喻和讽刺地,成为了对这个世界的另一种抽象描绘。

《调频》是一座由六面鼓堆成的高大的金字塔。每面鼓分别内嵌由LED灯组成的单词HIGH, TONE, TUNE, BASS, MUTE, 和 DEAF。这件纪念碑式的作品对声音进行视觉上的呈现,并且借由声音的缺席否认了乐器本身“演奏乐曲”的功能。这件艺术品原生的静默与肃立创造出一种对声音和运动的神秘感知,探究视觉与声音之间的关系。



“策展角落”部分展出的作品共16件,包括《芭蕾小忌廉》中角色的预备图纸和各种尺寸的新作。莱登的新雕塑《典型132 —— 大十二面体》的中型版本将落座于空间的中心位置,可作为6 + 2 AP + 1 PP的版本出售。在《旋转女孩》(Swirl Girl)(#130)和《忌廉女孩》(Whipped Cream Girl)(#131)等画作中描绘的谜一般的形体延续了艺术家对童真的美感的独特视角,这种独特视角表现于一种潜在的不安感之中。


《典型132 —— 大十二面体》是马克·莱登新作,也是莱登对十二面体的探索的延续。莱登将十二面体视为拥有显著的数学和哲学共鸣的独特的几何体。十二面体是五个具有类似参数的几何体中的一员,它们都在各个面上有相同的正多边形形状,在各个角上也都有相同数量的面。

在美国芭蕾舞剧院的《芭蕾小忌廉》在香港首演期间,这座雕塑将被安置在香港文化中心,并在3月26日至4月4日之间于香港元创方对公众展出。《典型132 —— 大十二面体》的每一个五边形面上都包含一系列颜色鲜艳的图标、图形和符号,而这些符号以莱登作品中重复出现的主题“全视之眼”为主导。





本次展會是卡司明畫廊第八次參展,其展覽也頗具亮點:康斯坦丁·布朗庫西的《年輕的身體》/Torse de Jeune Homme,羅伯特·印第安納(Robert Indiana)的《十月在風中》/October is in the Wind(2000)以及莫里斯·路易斯的《Alpha Kappa》(1960)。 Milton Avery, Walton Ford, David Hockney, Claude Lalanne, Roxy Paine, Robert Motherwell, Robert Polidori, Iván Navarro, 以及 Bosco Sodi的作品亦將同時展出。


智利藝術家伊萬·納瓦羅以他富有社會政治色彩的霓虹、熒光和白熾燈光雕塑而蜚聲國際。此次巴塞爾香港為大型雕塑和裝置專門設置了展覽板塊“藝聚空間”,納瓦羅在其中的展出被命名為《壓縮》(Compression),由《平原》(Flatlands)(2018)和《調頻》 (Tuning)(2015)兩件作品組成。

《平原》由兩個元素構成:世界地圖和木製立方體。最初引出這件作品的世界地圖是在網格中由點圍成的抽像大陸。直到現在人們依舊無法對地球進行完美的精確的測量。許多地圖,從地理地圖到政治地圖,都在質疑著究竟哪一個才是真的。 《平原》充滿隱喻和諷刺地,成為了對這個世界的另一種抽象描繪。

《調頻》是一座由六面鼓堆成的高大的金字塔。每面鼓分別內嵌由LED燈組成的單詞HIGH, TONE, TUNE, BASS, MUTE, 和 DEAF。這件紀念碑式的作品對聲音進行視覺上的呈現,並且藉由聲音的缺席否認了樂器本身“演奏樂曲”的功能。這件藝術品原生的靜默與肅立創造出一種對聲音和運動的神秘感知,探究視覺與聲音之間的關係。



「策展角落」部分展出的作品共16件,包括《芭蕾小忌廉》中角色的預備圖紙和各種尺寸的新作。萊登的新雕塑《典型132 —— 大十二面體》的中型版本將落座於空間的中心位置,可作為6 + 2 AP + 1 PP的版本出售。在《旋轉女孩》(Swirl Girl)(#130)和《忌廉女孩》(Whipped Cream Girl)(#131)等畫作中描繪的謎一般的形體延續了藝術家對童真的美感的獨特視角,這種獨特視角表現於一種潛在的不安感之中。


《典型132 —— 大十二面體》是馬克·萊登的新作,也是萊登對十二面體的探索的延續。萊登將十二面體視為擁有顯著的數學和哲學共鳴的獨特的幾何體。十二面體是五個具有類似參數的幾何體中的一員,它們都在各個面上有相同的正多邊形形狀,在各個角上也都有相同數量的面。

在美國芭蕾舞劇院的《芭蕾小忌廉》在香港首演期間,這座雕塑將被安置在香港文化中心,並在3月26日至4月4日之間於香港元創方對公眾展出。 《典型132——大十二面體》的每一個五邊形面上都包含一系列顏色鮮豔的圖標、圖形和符號,而這些符號以萊登作品中重複出現的主題“全視之眼”為主導。











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