January 18, 2007 — February 17, 2007




Press Release



PAUL KASMIN GALLERY is delighted to announce our upcoming exhibition of NEW WORK by SANTI MOIX from January 18 - February 17, 2007. The exhibition will include work in a variety of media including large scale canvases, watercolors and sculptures inspired by the artist's recent travels in Morocco.

The paintings offer an exciting departure from recent works yet still deliver that visual shock that the New York Times called "one big hurly-burly presence." Moix's signature accumulations of biomorphic shapes seem to straddle the boundaries between abstraction and narrative and figurative shapes—all of these competing in an exuberant orgy of shape and color.

Moix will also exhibit his new sculptures made entirely of recycled rubber tires. First explored in white plaster, Moix has found a material that is altogether new yet jangles with echoes from African art and American culture in a cacophony that is singular and original. While in Morocco, Moix discovered Douar Mlakh (translated to French as "sur le noir"). Here artisans transform old tires into useful objects, borrowing the shapes and designs from cartoons and toys. They are also utilitarian as most of the vessels made by the men of Douar Mlakh are intended for daily household use. Cultures collide here in a pure expression that vibrantly engaged with the world and the cultural separations inhabiting the forms.

New Work will be open for viewing at 293 Tenth Avenue and 511 West 27th Street, Tu-Sat, 10am-6pm

For further information, please contact the gallery at 212.563.4474

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