November 28, 2007 — January 19, 2008




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NOVEMBER 28 – JANUARY 19, 2007

PAUL KASMIN GALLERY is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition of paintings by Morris Louis (1912-1962), opening November 28, 2007. This exhibition will include a broad selection of paintings, including several that have not been previously exhibited.

One of the most influential American post war artists, Morris Louis became an inspirational figure for other artists in the Color Field movement in the 1960s. In a startling burst of creativity from 1954 to 1962, Morris Louis produced canvases that represented an important new direction in painting. His method of "staining" unprimed canvas with thinned acrylic paints is an innovation that continues to inspire contemporary artists.

During a trip to New York City with fellow artist Kenneth Noland in 1953, Louis saw the abstract expressionist works by artists such as Jackson Pollock and was introduced to Helen Frankenthaler, whose experiments in using poured paint to stain raw canvas provided the point of departure for his own mature paintings. In Louis's words, Frankenthaler created "a bridge between Pollock and what was possible." After this experience he began his first series of "Veil" paintings in 1954, continuing on to compositions known as "Florals," "Variations," "Unfurleds" and "Stripes."

His works were just beginning to attract national and critical attention when he died, right before his 50th birthday in 1962.

Louis' radical approach to paint and canvas and his unyielding search for a wholly original vernacular continues to nourish and inspire artists. The scope of Louis' influence on artists working today is immeasurable.

This exhibition is presented in association with The Estate of Morris Louis, represented exclusively by Diane Upright Fine Arts, LLC.

For additional information or images, please contact Tayo Ogunbiyi,

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