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Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of new paintings and a selection of videos by James Nares at the Armory Show in New York.

In these new paintings, Nares uses pearlescent hues on dark backgrounds to capture a single gestural passage over the canvas. Using handmade brushes, he repeatedly creates and erases his strokes until the desired result is achieved. Once applied to the canvas, his colorless interference paints—named for the way they refract light—produce a multi-tonal effect that shifts according to the viewer's angle of perception. From pale pinks and blues to ghostly metallics, these colors recall those found on butterfly wings, clam shells and raven's feathers.

As in his paintings, Nares's videos pursue a perfection of movement. Selected from the artist's extensive catalogue, these five videos — Giotto's Circle (tooled) (1976), Poles (1976), Cloth (1998), Drip (2007), and Paper Factory (2007) — center on the repetition of sounds, motions and image. As director Jim Jarmusch has noted, "James Nares's films are like luminous jewels scattered in the dirt — as varied and striking as his paintings, his photographs and his train of thought."

James Nares was born in London in 1953 and currently lives and works in New York. In 2008, Anthology Film Archives hosted a complete retrospective of his films and videos. His work is included in a number of public and private collections including the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of Art, and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

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