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PK SHOP is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of works in mixed media by Carrie Yamaoka entitled Are You Experienced? On view at 511 West 27 Street, the exhibition will present recent works that explore form and process including drawings made through erasure, works on panel, and flat cast resin works.

Yamaoka works reductively making rubbings of the walls and floors of her studio by erasing the reflective surface of Mylar to capture the topography of the surfaces. She integrates random variations in pressure to create different densities of imprint.

In the cast resin works, she establishes parameters in which specific events occur. Powdered pigments reveal the trajectory of the process as it unfolds in its unique moment. While methodical, chance has an impact on the outcome. Errors and defects become an integral part of the resulting work. “Yamaoka’s efforts intimate a rejuvenation of Minimalism, spurred by new materials, more refined techniques and fresh ideas,” Roberta Smith says in the New York Times.

Yamaoka materializes a paradox by rubbing away at the surface of the world in order to make something from it. “Rubbing is a method of recording that precedes photography,” she explains, “and much of my practice has been informed by embracing or resisting photographic ideas and principles.”

Surfing a territory between randomness and order, the hint of a perceived vocabulary teases a viewer’s desire to search for images in her work. The viewer is invited to linger in this limbo before arriving at a ‘picture’, in between the effort of apprehending and legibility.

Carrie Yamaoka is a New York based artist exhibiting her work in both the United States and in Europe since the 1980s. Recently, Yamaoka held a number of international solo exhibitions in London, Brussels, Zurich and Amsterdam. Her work has been featured in group exhibitions at the Mannheimer Kunstverein, CAN Neuchatel, MMKA, The Wexner Center, the Albright-Knox, Mass MOCA and Artists Space, among other venues. Yamaoka has been critically praised in the New York Times, Art in America, The New Yorker, Bomb and Time Out New York. Her work is included in major museum collections including The Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY.

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