Nir Hod has always been fascinated with the subject of mortality and the issues that come along with it, such as beauty, loneliness, glamour, and death. Venturing to realize this topic, Hod created a series titled Genius, exhibited at Paul Kasmin Gallery in New York City. The Genius series features over fifty works of peculiarly alluring children clad in grandiose outfits and outlandish hairdos. These young protégées hold a deep secret however. They inhabit a world of paradox where their youthful appearances contrast with a darker, elevated knowledge.

Inspired by the success of his solo exhibition, Hod encapsulates his series of precocious, young aristocratic geniuses with the Genius Plate. The decorative plate, made from porcelain and gold, features the first “genius” created by Hod: a bobble-headed young boy dressed in a black turtleneck, ever so slightly smirking with a cigarette in hand.

Nir Hod’s Genius Plate is available exclusively at GREY AREA — as a limited edition of 120 — for $300.




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