Bosco Sodi: Muro
Washington Square Park, New York
September 7, 2017

Performance begins at 3 PM

Dismantling concludes by 8 PM

Paul Kasmin Gallery is pleased to present Bosco Sodi’s Muro in Washington Square Park, the artist’s first public installation in New York. Muro is a 2-meter high by 8-meter long wall, constructed with 1,600 unique clay timbers that Sodi fired by hand at his studio in Oaxaca, México, with the help of local craftsman. Muro will be erected in the early morning on September 7 for one day, at the end of which visitors are invited to remove one timber, each one sealed by the artist with his signature, to take home with them. At the conclusion of the piece, Muro will endure as a communally co-owned work of art. The project expands upon Sodi’s ongoing interest in organic processes beyond the artist’s control. The impermanent nature of Muro further underscores the sentiment that all obstacles have the potential to be dismantled through united forces.







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