Theodora Allen’s Ghostly Paintings Hark Back to the Middle Ages
A Studio Visit with Elephant Magazine

Viewing myths and fairytales from a Humanist perspective, the American painter’s latest body of ethereal works reference the plants that contributed to the first widely used anaesthetics, as well as weeds and wildflowers in her native LA. Margaret Andersen visits her in the sunny Pasadena studio where she lives and works.

A shield for protection; a cup to replenish; a weapon to fight. These allegorical symbols are at the centre of artist Theodora Allen’s recent work and debut New York solo exhibition, weald, on show now at Kasmin Gallery. Part landscape, part mind-scape, Allen’s otherworldly oil paintings evoke that twilight state of consciousness between waking and dreaming with her use of archetypal imagery and lush, psychotropic plant life.







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