Announcing Exhibition of New Work by David Wiseman

Opening March 2019

November 27, 2018

Kasmin  is  pleased  to  announce  a  major  exhibition  of  new  work  by artist  and  designer David  Wiseman  (b.  1981).  Wiseman’s  first  exhibition at  the  gallery will  open  at  515  West  27th  Street,  New  York, in  March  2019. Wiseman's  work  draws  inspiration  from  his  fascination  with  the  natural  world,  global  decorative  arts  traditions,  and  a  reverence  for  honoring  timeless  craft  techniques.  Far  from  reproducing  historic  design, however,  he  breathes  new  life  into  interiors  and  environments.  Porcelain  cherry  blossom  ceilings,  bronze  patterned  filigree  folding  screens,  and  polished  marble  and  terrazzo  inlay  furniture  affirm  and  perpetuate  the  relevance  ornament  and  beauty  can  play  in  contemporary  architecture  and  life.

Wiseman’s exhibition  of  work  with  Kasmin  places  his practice in  dialogue  with  that  of  key  historical figures  of  the  20th entury  and  established  contemporary  artists  with the  gallery  such  as  Les  Lalanne  and  Mattia  Bonetti  who blur  the  boundary  between  fine  art  and  design.  Wiseman’s  mastery  of  his  craft—he  is  the  sole  author  of  his  works  from  the  time  of  their  conception  to  fabrication  and  installation—and  his steadfast  dedication  to  a  unique  artistic  vision,  allow  him  to  go  beyond such  traditional  taxonomies.

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Barbican Centre Announces Lee Krasner: Living Colour

October 23, 2019

The exhibition, opening May 2019, celebrates the work and life of Lee Krasner (1908–1984), a pioneer of Abstract Expressionism. The first major presentation of her work in Europe for more than 50 years, Lee Krasner: Living Colour tells the story of a formidable artist, whose importance has too often been eclipsed by her marriage to Jackson Pollock.

Discover Krasner’s spirit for invention – from striking early self-portraits to her acclaimed ‘Little Image’ paintings from the 1940s, from collages comprised of torn-up earlier work to a selection of her most impressive large-scale abstract paintings. Explore nearly 100 works, many of which are being presented for the first time in the UK.

Image: Lee Krasner, Icarus, 1964, Thomson Family Collection, New York City. © The Pollock-Krasner Foundation, courtesy Kasmin Gallery, New York. Photo: Diego Flores.

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Kasmin's New Gallery

509 West 27th Street

Kasmin has opened its fourth Chelsea location featuring a column-free exhibition space, 28 skylights, and a rooftop sculpture garden situated alongside The High Line in the heart of Chelsea, offering a rotating outdoor sculpture exhibition program to the promenade's 6 million annual visitors.

“The new gallery is the result of many years of discussion,” said founder Paul Kasmin. “Nearly all galleries in Chelsea are adapted industrial spaces, so the real ambition has been to create a purpose-built exhibition space with the sole intention of showing art at its very best.”

One of the few purpose-built commercial gallery spaces in Chelsea, the new building’s unique roof, designed to exhibit monumental works of sculpture, puts the gallery’s program on view to The High Line’s 6 million visitors per year. Signaling a new era of curatorial ambition, this new building opens with a solo exhibition of new paintings by Walton Ford in the gallery and an installation of three sculptures by Joel Shapiro on the rooftop.

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Bernar Venet

Retrospective at MAC LYON

From September 21, 2018 to January 6, 2019, the career-spanning retrospective dedicated to Bernar Venet presents a remarkable and previously unseen ensemble of 170 artworks, including Venet’s early performances, drawings, diagrams, and paintings, as well as the photographs, sound works, films and sculptures that retrace 60 years of creation. This will be the most ambitious retrospective ever devoted to the artist.

The exhibition aims to examine the different stages that led a certain young artist, of twenty years of age, at the beginning of the 1960s to seek to “remove any form of expression contained in the artwork in order to reduce it to a material fact”. He then went on to appropriate astrophysics, nuclear physics and mathematical logic, and took a break of 5 years before finally returning, albeit unexpectedly, to his easel. These paintings were followed by sound works, poetry, and later by indeterminate lines, accidents, random combinations, and collapses, culminating in the curved lines of the monumental sculptures in Corten steel, dedicated to the urban space.

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Iván Navarro

This Land Is Your Land

On view at Chicago's Navy Pier until April 2019

In Chicago, three sculptures by Iván Navarro—“BED,” “Ladder,” and “ME/WE”—are currently on view at the city’s Navy Pier. Originally installed at Madison Square Park in New York, the works are composed of neon-lit interiors with infinite reflections of each structure’s respective design.

One tower consists of a limitless repetition of the word, “BED;” another features the boundless image of a ladder; and the third displays the words, “ME” and “WE” in redundancy. The works will be installed until April 2019, giving visitors to the city's art fair, EXPO Chicago, a chance to see them in September.

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