The first print retrospective of Robert Indiana’s powerful graphic work in more than 40 years will premiere in the state whose name he adopted as his own. The Essential Robert Indiana — featuring more than 50 works, including many from the artist’s own collection — is organized with the active participation of the artist and presents Indiana’s autobiographical approach to his work which has never before been explored in depth.

Robert Indiana emerged during the 1960s as a member of the Pop art movement. His vibrantly colored works inspired by road signs were both bold in design and subject. The 53 prints featured in the exhibition include works from his “American Dream” series as well as his homages to such painters as Picasso, Charles Demuth and Marsden Hartley. The exhibition will also include examples of Indiana’s famed “LOVE," an image that began as a Christmas card design and morphed into the most recognizable of Indiana’s images — and one of the most iconic images in the history of American art.

Featuring 21 “Autoportraits” made by the artist over the course of his career, The Essential Robert Indiana reveals the artist’s use of symbolic forms, colors, and words that relate to events, locations, and people that were significant to the year the Autoportrait represents. Inspired by the works on view, visitors will have a chance to create their own Autoportraits as part of the exhibition experience.

A gallery of portraits of Robert Indiana taken by photographers William John Kennedy, Tom Rummler, and Barbara Goodbody chronicle the artist at work over the past 50 years.







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