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ARMORY EDITION: 22 Things to Do in New York’s Art World Before March 7

 Paul Laster

March 1, 2016

Opening: “Morris Louis/Landon Metz” at Paul Kasmin Gallery

A unique concept for a show, this dynamic display juxtaposes a singular painting by the modernist Color Field master Morris Louis with a succinct selection of stained canvases by the young process- oriented painter Landon Metz. The site-specific installation features four, large, interconnected abstractions perfectly sized to the gallery wall and a column that’s relatedly painted by Mr. Metz smartly paired with a monumental, poured color abstraction from 1958 by Mr. Louis. A meditation on two distant generations of abstraction, this small show packs a powerful punch.

Paul Kasmin Gallery, 297 Tenth Avenue, New York, 6-8 p.m.







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