Mark Ryden at PMQ in Hong Kong

March 26 – April 4, 2018
  • Quintessence 132 - Macro Dodecahedron is a sculptural work that continues Mark Ryden’s exploration of the dodecahedron as a unique geometric form with significant mathematical and philosophical resonance. The dodecahedron belongs to a small group of five geometric solids that share a simple set of parameters: the same polygon on every face, and the same number of faces at each vertex.
  • Following its installation at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre during the Hong Kong premier of Whipped Cream, the sculpture was on public display from March 26 to April 4, 2018, at PMQ in Central Hong Kong. Quintessence 132 - Macro Dodecahedron includes an array of brightly-colored icons, figures, and symbols on each of the pentagonal panels that form the solid. These symbols are dominated by the “all-seeing eye”, a recurring motif in the work of the artist.

    “The dodecahedron is a special geometric form, permeated with mystery and connotations of divinity. Even before I fully understood the significance of the dodecahedron, I was instinctively attracted to it, and it began to show up in my paintings. It is meaningful to me because it symbolizes a bridge between the physical world and the intangible realm.” - Mark Ryden

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